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What's all this, then?

Yup, that's about all I like about cosplay. To be someone different, someone that is not a real thing. Something more than overweight, jobless nobody who has no direction in his life.

Yeah, that's me. My name is Atte. I live in Finland, and I'm currently trying to get to university to study religion. I hope someday, that I could be a teacher, and educating young people about religions and why we need to study them. On the other hand, I possibly would be much happier if I could work at the Fantasiapelit (Local nerd store) and just make costumes for conventions. And go to a Comic-con.

I read LOTS of comics. DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, Donald Duck, Finnish independent comics, manga and stuff. DC and Marvel are the gateway to a more exciting and purer world, where people stand up for each other. Donald Duck is hero of my childhood. Manga-well, nowadays I just read One Piece and Vinland Saga, but they are different kind of world, where everything is possible. Comics are my wormhole out of depressing, oppressing reality. And when I Cosplay, I go in there.

I'm overweight. I weight almost 300 pounds (that's 140 kilos for us), and I'm quite tall, 6'3'' (193 cm) so that makes it a little better. I have not always been overweight. And I have been trying to loose weight. But I'm big dude anyway. I have trouble sitting on a bus because my legs are so frigging tall. I can't buy clothes from normal supermarkets, because they have the sizes only for normal people. Every time I win a t-shirt or hoodie, I can't wear it because it's too small. And that's bloody annoying.

And I get the look when I cosplay. Couple of years ago, I had this Riddler costume. it was super fun day. I even entered the Cosplay-show and had a blast. But for some people, that is not good thing. I get the look. I can't be Riddler, I'm not lanky or thin. Same deal with Scarecrow. He is supposed to be thin man, you're a fucking bear. And I don't like it. It's like I'm some kind of joke to other cosplayers, who look like models and stuff. At first, I got bit depressed for it. It didn't encourage to plan for next con's. But I got over it. I'm big, so what?  Maybe I was home when there was food, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun while cosplaying someone not overweight.

TLDR-this is Cosplay log for an overweight cosplayer-C'est moi. I will post pictures of my old costumes, and update from the upcoming costumes. I will happily take any helps and tips from you readers, and look forward for your comments about the costumes.

Atte T.

PS. Watch the Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. It is the best thing ever.

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