keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014

Cosvision post 2/2 - What did I look like again?

Now's the part of my Cosvision experience that involves pictures- my cosplay! No making-of parts this time, this was done before I even realized it. I went with Marvel comics supervillain called the Hood, real name Parker Robbins. Created by the genius of Brian K. Vaughn, he is the kingpin of New York, but before that he was small-time crook with lots of problems. Then he found red cloak, which gived him various powers, as well boots that allowed him to walk in the air. With new powers, this small-time crook rised up in the criminal society, uniting gangs to do jobs together and split the loot, and soon enough he became leader of hundreds of burglars, drug lords and murderers and of course, dozens of supervillains like the Wrecking crew, Wizard, Hydroman and all the other b-list losers that needed guidance. He has been frequent enemy of Avengers and Spider-man for some 10 years.

Enough about that guy! Here's me!
OH MY GOD what's that face. 

I also found Wolverine, and I wanted to duel him.

So that is that! Next time, it's time for the "big" one- one I have been working for long time and with props made by Headhunter Store. That is for the future, possibly for Hypecon and Ropecon and if I don't have time to do anything else, Tracon.


tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014

Cosvision post 1/2: What did I think about it


For the first time ever, Cosvision was held in Logomo (venue hall in Turku) last weekend. I was excited- new cons are always fun to check out, and this was specificaly aimed for cosplayers and all the shows were about cosplay, and there were many cosplay competitions. I too, dressed my costume again and headed to Turku. My costume was that of Parker Robbins, aka The Hood from Marvel Comics, regular foe of Avengers and sometimes Spider-Man. I'll make separate post about the costume as soon as I get some photos that don't suck.

Location, location, location

Logomo hall was absolutely fantastic. It was within walking distance of railway station, it had it's own cafe where you could get drinks, sandwhiches and even brunch! All the rooms for panels and workshops were easy to find and were on the same floor. Merchant's are was right there when you walked in, in the big open area- this was one of the first cons ever in Finland where you didn't have to use elbows to get to buy stuff! There was no problem with ventilation either- the rooms were nice and cool even if you were wearing heavy cloak. And above all- there were dressing rooms. Normally they are restricted to the cosplay competitors, but now I could just walk there and adjust my cape (and try out t-shirt so I would not buy to small, tee hee!) and there were masking tape, needles and other tools for fixing your costume.

  I wana buy that-and that-and.....

Okay, so the merchant's area was great-but what about the merchants? In Finland, there are always the same people selling the same stuff at most of the cons, save for the Ropecon and Helsinki Comic Festival. Urumi selling their anime-manga merchandise, t-shirt vendors with too small shirts, those guys selling katana-umbrellas and goth stuff and so on. But there is always one who does not let you down. Headhunter Store and Dean Clayton at it's helm. We chatted about movies and figures like we always do, and I bought  home big Iron Man figure and some small minifigures. If you like Doctor Who, Aliens, Assasins Creed, Batman, Marvel, Terminator, Hellraiser, He-Man or old horror movies- you better call Dean!
There were also Bard&Jester store at present, who sell Steampunk/Leatherpunk esque stuff. I have not seen them outside Ropecon, and I was glad to see them expand. There is also Artist's Alley, where you could buy awesome art pieces made by amateur artists. I bought awesome Jon Snow and Ghost-piece, and wooden fox-pin for my mother as a mother's day gift! My favourite thing was the Venom plush I bought- it so cute I can't even!

"We are tonight's entertainment!"

I went to only two shows- mostly because there where nothing that interesting going on, and I knew that Cosplay competition would have super-long lines. But I am glad that I chose them! First one was by one of the honor quests, Kairi from Poland. She talked about preparing for Cosplay show, and it was really great! Simple and effective ways of getting your own and your buddies act together, and I liked how she told not to be too soft with these thing: "You have to think that everybody in the audience is dumb." I liked that, and undestand the point behind it. I later met her at the floor, and her Black Canary cosplay was great! I was pleased to find that she was DC comics fan, and we quickly chatted about New 52 -line of DC comics and cosplay. She was really nice person!

Other show was concert by Sherlock Holmes. Yeah! Violinist was cosplaying Sherlock from the BBC:s Sherlock-tv series,a nd she played violin parts to songs from TV-series, games and movies- I really liked it, and it was serene moment in otherways busy day of running around. I especially loved Sephiroth, Paprika and Cowboy Bebob pieces. And she was playing them from memory alone!

What a day

So that covers my Cosvision saturday. I met some of my friends from Marvel-cosplay at Tampere kuplii, ate some very good Karelian pasty and had a blast! I really liked Cosvision, and I hope it is held again next year! Fanfest was another new convention that was held in last November, but it is probably not coming back this year. Let's hope that does not happen to this time!

tiistai 6. toukokuuta 2014

About time already! Tampere Kuplii 2014

Hello, my adoring masses of readers. I haven't put anything here yet about the cosplay experience known as Tampere Kuplii comic festival 2014. To me, Tampere Kuplii is finland's second most important event of the year, losing only to Ropecon. And it is also my favourite place to cosplay- it is open event with lots of people just passing by, not just geeks like me, and reactions to costumes are always funny! This year, I decided to take the cosplay to next level by making armor. Granted, it doesn't look much and kinda broke after the day, but it was experience to make it, and I look forward making armor again!

Here's some photos from the process:

It is cardboard model for the bracer. I made the final one from foam. And tape. LOTS of tape

Bracers and leg guardians. Also shows my awesome taping skills. And my Chaos Daemons codex.

And that's about for the making-of part. I regret that I took so few photos about the project.

But forgive me for saying this: I look friggin' awesome!

But I was not alone! We had a little Marvel group cosplay, with plethora of great characters! I was very excited for this, and it turned out great! I made lot of new friends and memories of that day are best I will ever have!

We even had a panel about forming the group and why did we choose these characters and about making the costumes. We had largest number of spectators in that hall that day! Success!

Thats about it for the Tampere Kuplii Comic Festival  2014! Next weekend is Cosvision in Turku, and I'm about done for the next costume. Expect pics here soon, and don't forget to check my other blog for more about Tampere Kuplii!