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Popcult Helsinki 2016 & Cosvision 2016

So about that huge post.

This spring started again the cosplay season for me. First was Popcult Helsinki, new event that I missed last year, so I was excited to go there. And it was really fun! I took my Mandarin outfit for a spin again, with fixing it up a little. I added more jewelry and a new sash. I wore that on saturday, and sunday I wore my third version of Captain Boomerang. I bought this great jacket from thrift store in Pori, and it actually fitted and looked accurate as well!

(C) Kyu Eturautti

(C) Kyu Eturautti
(C) Kyu Eturautti
Then there was Cosvision. For a show named Cosvision it was pretty weird that there was not a photo booth there that you could just walk in. I managed to get a few pics via photoshoot that I was hanging around in. My costume was my first superhero cosplay I have done- Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern! Really liked how it turned out. Lantern was a hazzle to do, but looked great at the end. Definitely gonna use this again! Power battery was made from two styrofoam balls, flower pots and lots of gesso. Gonna make the power battery probably better next time, most likely a little bit smaller version. Here's some pics.

(C)Mikael Peltomaa

Now begins the arduous task of making my next costume, Thanos the Mad Titan from Guardians of the Galaxy. Ugh, I'm already frustrated but excited too!

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