keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014

Cosvision post 2/2 - What did I look like again?

Now's the part of my Cosvision experience that involves pictures- my cosplay! No making-of parts this time, this was done before I even realized it. I went with Marvel comics supervillain called the Hood, real name Parker Robbins. Created by the genius of Brian K. Vaughn, he is the kingpin of New York, but before that he was small-time crook with lots of problems. Then he found red cloak, which gived him various powers, as well boots that allowed him to walk in the air. With new powers, this small-time crook rised up in the criminal society, uniting gangs to do jobs together and split the loot, and soon enough he became leader of hundreds of burglars, drug lords and murderers and of course, dozens of supervillains like the Wrecking crew, Wizard, Hydroman and all the other b-list losers that needed guidance. He has been frequent enemy of Avengers and Spider-man for some 10 years.

Enough about that guy! Here's me!
OH MY GOD what's that face. 

I also found Wolverine, and I wanted to duel him.

So that is that! Next time, it's time for the "big" one- one I have been working for long time and with props made by Headhunter Store. That is for the future, possibly for Hypecon and Ropecon and if I don't have time to do anything else, Tracon.


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