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About time already! Tampere Kuplii 2014

Hello, my adoring masses of readers. I haven't put anything here yet about the cosplay experience known as Tampere Kuplii comic festival 2014. To me, Tampere Kuplii is finland's second most important event of the year, losing only to Ropecon. And it is also my favourite place to cosplay- it is open event with lots of people just passing by, not just geeks like me, and reactions to costumes are always funny! This year, I decided to take the cosplay to next level by making armor. Granted, it doesn't look much and kinda broke after the day, but it was experience to make it, and I look forward making armor again!

Here's some photos from the process:

It is cardboard model for the bracer. I made the final one from foam. And tape. LOTS of tape

Bracers and leg guardians. Also shows my awesome taping skills. And my Chaos Daemons codex.

And that's about for the making-of part. I regret that I took so few photos about the project.

But forgive me for saying this: I look friggin' awesome!

But I was not alone! We had a little Marvel group cosplay, with plethora of great characters! I was very excited for this, and it turned out great! I made lot of new friends and memories of that day are best I will ever have!

We even had a panel about forming the group and why did we choose these characters and about making the costumes. We had largest number of spectators in that hall that day! Success!

Thats about it for the Tampere Kuplii Comic Festival  2014! Next weekend is Cosvision in Turku, and I'm about done for the next costume. Expect pics here soon, and don't forget to check my other blog for more about Tampere Kuplii!


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