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Ropecon 2014- Man that Killed Captain America

Hello and how do you do! It's been a while, but I got some new pictures for you! Last weekend was my all-time  favourite finnish convention, ROPECON. Ropecon is roleplaying convention- in fact, it is one of the largest in the Scandinavia and Europe! While it is not known for its cosplay was well as Desucon or Tracon, there are some flippin' cool cosplay there- one of kind, because these cosplayers rarely venture outside of Ropecon. I actually started my cosplaying in Ropecon 2007, as you might remember from my earlier post and I continued this tradition last year with Scarecrow. Now I used a whole new costume, one I have been itching to put on for a while now, and here it is- Brock Rumlow aka CROSSBONES from Marvel comics, the frequent enemy of Captain America.

@Petri Kuittinen

I also found this little battleaxe from the stands. He looked so sad, all alone- so I decided to pick it up and give it a home! (Hopefully in Roger's head.)

@Lauri Maijala

And I was not alone all the time! At Sunday I found my mates from Tampere Kuplii's Marvel group cosplay, and even some new members to our group in form of Winter Soldier and- Blasted Captain America! I WILL GET YOU NOW!

@Kerttu Vähänen
@Petri Kuittinen- Here I am wearing Shorts-it got too hot!

So as you can see, I had a blast. I saw some very amazing and innovative cosplay, and I post here some links to good galleries of those photoes by some professionals! Next is Tracon again (full circle) and I'm bringing back some of my old costumes and characters- but do not believe that I won't fix them up a little and try something new! So see you in September!

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