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Tampere Kuplii 2015

'ello 'ello!

It's springtime for me, even though the weather seems to be disagreeing with me. And springtime means one thing and one thing only: the cosplay season is here!

So that's great. And the first in the line is classic goodie known as TAMPERE KUPLII. Last year we had our first Marvel group, and that little meeting has now grown to a tradition. We met in Ropecon and Tracon last year, and with every meeting our group goes ever larger. At last Tampere kuplii we had 9 cosplayers. This year?

19. This is a growth rate I like. We had characters based on movies, comics, and even some very original creations. I was going to make a Hobgoblin costume for this one, but then my monetary situation just kinda...blowed up. So I just took my old Doc Doom costume....yet again, but last time for a while. I made sure of that buy destroying my old armor pieces for good this time. I had to make them from scratch next time, and to make it better. I added some studs to mask and remade the Infinity Gauntlet:

Bah! Enough about me. We as a group had ton of fun, and it was great to see everybody again. As I said, we had some new faces again and some new characters as well- Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord and many more. But what am I babbling about, picture tells more than thousand words:

So that was grand. After that, we had a good meal in Siperia's SpeakEasy restaurant and that was fun as well. It was nice to just sit down and talk about stuff like school, work and movies. For me it was one of the best parts of the day.

So yeah, that was fun. Next time is probably going to be Marvel, but no more Doom. Popcult Helsinki will bw the next con, and after that Ropecon, coming early this year. Until then,  here's a special present- I found this amazing Shazam cosplay and had to take photo with him:

See ya next time!
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