torstai 28. toukokuuta 2015

Ropecon 2015- Two for the price of one

So Ropecon was couple of weeks ago again. That con is REALLY the best 'con out there. I do always a ton of shit there, I waste ton of money on a different nerd swag and I I'm always sad when it has to end. Really, it is the three best days of gaming in Finland.

And nowadays, I cosplay there as well! I had two costumes with me this year- I'm still poor, and I could not made a new costume from the scratch. So I decided to make a closet costume and use a old costume again. My first costume was my old friend CAPTAIN BOOMERANG. I wanted to use the New 52- version because that looks way cooler than the classic one (Which I had as well) and it was easy to make. I had the jacket, cap, gloves and boots. I had to buy a new scarf, and make more boomerangs. But all in all, this was a really easy costume.

But then it got hot. I mean, sun was blazing and I was wearing a hoodie and black jacket and a woolly cap. I had to change to my lighter costume. That was the THE HOOD. I have used that costume before as well, but I like it so much! Hood is such a badass, and that costume is practically jsut a cloak. Nice and breezy cloak. I also took some photos with my buddies Kerttu aka MISTRESS OF STRATEGIES-LOKI and Oskari aka SPIDER-MAN. Here's some of that fun:

It was a fun. Next time is Hypecon, and I'll probably try something new there again. You'll see. *Waugh waugh*

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